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Wonderful Magical World

60″ x 30″ polymer paint on canvas; the piece is commissioned by Web In Travel and auctioned out for charity at the WIT Conference Singapore 2015. Inspired from a year-long travel around the world, The Magical Box highlights some favorite landmarks and unforgettable experiences. As the advancement of technology facilitates globalization, it opens up the world for more to explore and engage in. The piece is in hopes that many more would find their own magical adventure that the world has to offer.

“Colour-Me-In” Superheroes was a side activity that spanned the 2 days of the conference where participants were encouraged to colour in the linework. The end result is nothing short of inspiring where everyone had a piece in create a collaborative artpiece.

Final auction piece. 60″ x 30″ polymer paint on canvas.
Concept sketch

Night of auction

“Colour-Me-In” Superheroes