Cheryl Heap


Previous projects range from creating installation art, paintings and bespoke art pieces, to offering brand collaborations; all guided by the brief and artist’s unique vision. Combining research, passion, and skill, I aim to explore innovate artmaking, while seamlessly integrate traditional craftsmanship with digital technology.

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Inspired from the wood elements of the Lexus LS, the art piece takes design cues from the kiriko-cut glass and pleated fabric to create the varying patterns and shadow effects that the installation casts.

Client: Lexus Asia


An art pavilion in collaboration with Red Hong Yi and David Yeow. Encompassing 10,000 paper plates to represent the millions of people in food crisis each year. The pavilion billows like a soft cloud but holds a deeper meaning as the plates clink together in the wind.

Client: Freeform for the Urbanscapes Festival 2013
Location: MAEPS, Serdang, Malaysia
Photo & video credits: Sean Jesudasen, David Yeow, Urbanscapes
With indebted help to: Winston See, Wilson Lim, Cherie Voon, Amanda Tan, Arthur Manfred, Hong Ming, Alvin Chan, Noortasha Devi, Sidneswaran Paramaswaran, Daniel Cerventus Lim, Terri Ng, Aggie Ye, Michelle Lim, & the Heap household